this week was good because of...

...a beautiful afternoon walk in the park.

...successfully figuring out (after months of wondering) why Wildcat Guy always shouts, "true!" when a Jeopardy contestant lands on a Daily Double.

...buying my first plane ticket with my married name.

...homemade blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

...feeling the success of having so many colleagues and students volunteering for the many (many) needs we have for our August orientation.

...repairing my truck's a/c just in time for the lovely warm weather (even if the first thing I did afterward was roll my window down).

...finally (finally!) finding the new issue of a favorite magazine at the grocery store.

...a campus gym membership that lets me have access to two months of yoga (and any other exercise classes) for only $26.

...the Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes from Bob Evans. Because possibly the only thing better than cinnamon rolls is a stack of pancakes that taste like cinnamon rolls and come drizzled in cream cheese frosting.

...getting to see this lovely movie in the comfort of reserved theater seating. first pedicure since October...and indulging in the absolutely delightful deluxe treatment.

...this well-written and simple-to-grasp response. (And yes - I realize there is no perfect response to this ongoing debate making the rounds of social media. But I liked that this one tried to create a bridge of understanding.)

...a lovely email from a former colleague to share a compliment from a former student.

...this beautiful concept of being so completely focused on basic, yet impactful life goals (as quoted in an April 2010 issue of Smithsonian magazine about cattle rancher Donnell Brown).

...Wildcat Guy's patience with me when I jam out to songs like this on a Friday night at home.

...letting my personality show a little bit more with some of my students.

...continuing our Friday-night pizza night with a homemade supreme pizza. bangs finally growing out enough that I can pull them into my ponytail (!).

...this beautiful, creative endeavor.

What made your week good?


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