two-page tuesday: making some cards

(As I've settled into the new rhythms of my work and home lives, I don't know that I'll be doing much scrapbooking on Tuesday nights. So I'll be using the "Two-page Tuesday" space to show what I'm doing when I get to do it...)

Sunday afternoon, my goal was cards: birthday cards, Easter cards and an anniversary card, all from whatever I could find in my stash of supplies.

This is for a friend's son. Maybe not the most masculine card, or the most kid-oriented...but I was pleased with how it turned out.

This was for the same friend's daughter. Yep, her children's birthdays are only two days apart...well, five years and two days, to be exact.

Sometimes a card just needs a few brads...for no reason other than it feels right to add them.

Yes. That looks good.

Funny story about this - I realized that the only time I seem to pull out the Creative Memories wavy trimmer is at Easter. It makes such great Easter egg waves!

It's not always easy for me to put cards together from scraps...but on this particular afternoon, things felt like they were flowing smoothly.

It helps when I know how much the people I'm making the cards for will appreciate them...

...and when I take a moment to appreciate how much I enjoy showing my love in this way.


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