torn out: from skinnygirl solutions

(I really like Bethenny Frankel as a personality, and have enjoyed some of her other books; so I was interested to see what solutions and insights this latest book would have to offer.)
 (One thing that did feel a bit odd about the book was the regular mention of the various products from her Skinnygirl line...and yet I appreciated her candor in saying, "I had a problem, so I developed something to solve it." Like this yoga DVD...definitely interested in trying it.)

 (I appreciate two of these three poses. The third routinely kicks my behind.)

 (Mmm. This sounds like a tasty warm-weather beverage...or maybe something to drink as I dream of warmer weather.)

(This sounds creative and delicious!)
(Arnold Palmers are something I'd only really heard of - or, I guess, noticed - here in Michigan; but I've since learned they're quite popular across the country. This adult version is tempting.)
(This philosophy says so much about why I like her and relate to a lot of what she says. She wants things to be uncomplicated, and she expects the best from herself and those around her. Yes.)
("You are also...the manager of yourself." - Again, yes. This is why I spend time journaling and crafting my calendar and worrying about the little details.)
 ("if I was ready to leave" - sometimes, you have to admit that you'll never be ready to leave. You just decide to do it and trust yourself to make good next steps.)

(The last three or four excerpts were all in the last part of the book - so I guess you could say that was the part I found most significant...or perhaps inspirational is the better word.)
(And tucked in amongst the candor and bold personality were sweet drawings of her and her this adorable portrait of her doggie.)

Source: Skinnygirl Solutions, by Bethenny Frankel with Eve Adamson


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