torn out: from in style

 (The color issue is always interesting...)

(This dress makes me wish for a lovely occasion.)
(It was neat to find out why cocktail rings are called that.)
(I told Wildcat Guy that his team's shade of blue was in style this season - to which he responded, "It's always in style." My bad.)
(This dress - by Baja East - is super fun and something I would love to wear all summer.)
(I thought this list of distinctions was useful.)
(Such pretty colors - and I like that this company is making healthier polishes.)
(This is why I like Target - fun pieces like this dress and this shirt.)
(This shirt is pretty great, too...and yes, I realize the irony that, in the color issue, so much of what I liked was in neutrals or black and white.)

Source: the April 2014 issue of InStyle


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