this week was good because of... mild enough to open the windows (and the melody of the blinds blowing in the breeze).

...a Sunday at home - making cards, getting chores done, cooking - you know, the simple pleasures.

...making grilled cheese sandwiches from the asiago black pepper bread from Whole Foods. Yum, yum!

...the difficult realization that I have some emotional work to do.

...time spent thinking about how I want to direct my creative energies.

...working through a stack of financial paperwork on a slow Friday afternoon.

...a supervisor who is helping me navigate the politics and intricacies of my new professional community with professional, yet candid feedback.

...our excursion to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

...the fun of listening to Canadian radio stations on my commute.

...using our immersion blender (a wedding present from Faithful Blonde) for the very first time to make a savory, satisfying butternut squash soup.

What made your week good?


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