rich in the sunlight

On my way home tonight, I found myself listening to NPR. The story, discussing the impact of tall buildings' shadows on Central Park, was mainly about architecture and economy - but there, toward the end, were a few comments about the effect of the growing amount of architectural shade on the trees and other foliage in the park.

It was the line about no buds growing on the trees in the shade that caught my attention. In an instant, my brain went from thinking about trees to thinking about people - what it's like to live life in the have moments - or longer - when you don't feel the glow or warmth of life's blessings. Yet even with the challenges Wildcat Guy and I have experienced in our story recently, I am reminded that our time in the shade has, thus far, been fortunately brief. Our roots - our stability - are still deeply-grounded and we are fortunate to have a nurturing circle of people that loves us.

Even on the fringes of life's shade, even as we pray for a path that would lead away from the shade altogether, we have the choice and the chance to enjoy the dappled sunshine around us.

Because of that, we are rich beyond understanding.

(photo taken 25 March 2014)


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