torn out: from in style

 (Nicole Kidman is such an amazing celebrity...)

(...and it was so super fun to see her on not one, not two...)
(...but three gorgeous covers, each a beautiful and different look.)
(The dress is lovely, and the little straw bag is super fun.)
(Yes, please! Even though I rarely get to shop here, I always like the shoes!)
(Hmmm...that J. Crew sweater is pretty fun-looking.)
(Wouldn't you like to be friends with these two??)
(This disco ball-esque outfit - because yes, those are boots - is hilarious...and yet intriguing.)
(These, on the other hand? Not intriguing at all. As much as I liked wide-leg pants, I'll keep mine full length, thank you very much.) 

 (Everything about this outfit is amazing.)

(Huh. I never would have thought about the need to dry brushes flat. Actually, to be honest - I never really think about cleaning my  brushes much at all. Ooops.)
 (Mmmm. This Nirvana Black sounds purely delightful.)

(I can't decide if I like the skirt or not...I guess because of the waistband.)
(I definitely like this blazer, though. Very appealing!)
(And this dress? Superb.)
(She gets more and more she's growing into herself.)

Source: the March issue of InStyle magazine


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