Saturday, March 01, 2014

things i learned in february

I had this great collection of funny or sweet or otherwise memorable moments that I was going to list...until I realized there were really only two things about February that mattered:

Moving to Michigan – while complicated and quick – was a good decision for so many reasons.

It is important – essential, even – to honor my genuine self…even with the stress, emotion and challenge that sometimes brings. Owning my quirks and limitations is so much more effective for my well-being than suppressing them.

That is what my February encompassed.


Tracey said...

I just clicked over from Emily's link up...owning our quirks is vital. I hope to always remember this truth.

Jen said...

Moving is the worst, but also such a great fresh start. I hope you continue to enjoy your new adventure.

Lee said...

Thanks to you both for your words of encouragement. It's always helpful to know others relate.