snow day - the grown-up edition

Wednesday morning, I woke up knowing the weather would be...a little bit wintery. So I also knew I'd wait until it was fully light to drive to work; and I ended up hanging out for a while beyond that because I realized I wasn't sure how I felt about making the commute.

Then I got an email from my boss (whom I had originally contacted to inform I would be arriving late) saying that the roads and parking lots on campus were a mess and offering me the opportunity to work from home.

I keep finding reasons to like my boss; and the fact that she facilitated an opportunity for me to respect and honor the concerns I was feeling was something I greatly appreciated.So I took a minute to jot down some tasks I wanted to accomplish during my day at home, and got to work.

But then - oh then - a couple of hours later, while I was standing at the refrigerator deciding what to heat up for lunch, the power went out, and with it, the internet. So much for working from home.

Instead, after Wildcat Guy braved the weather (and the poorly-treated roads) to get us lunch, I took advantage of a quiet afternoon to work on one of the last projects left in our moving-in process: hanging pictures. With a smaller apartment comes a smaller surface area of walls, of course, which meant whittling down our collection of framed photos and art (only part of which are pictured above) to fit attractively into our new space.

These two kept me amused with their antics, as well. It seems like Wildcat Guy comes up with new ways to antagonize Gru on a daily basis...and yet, Gru always seems to enjoy the play.

After the power had been out for almost four hours, I remembered that there was ice cream in the freezer; and when I checked it, it was getting soft. So we had to eat it. (Obviously, this power outage was quite the hardship, right?)

We also played a couple rounds of Yahtzee...

...and found a game that Wildcat Guy is much better at than I am. He beat me twice!

I have to admit - even though I was frustrated to miss a day of work, having a snow day to spend at home mid-week was lovely...perhaps even moreso without power. We got to relax with no distractions, and while I can't speak for Wildcat Guy, the quiet was delightfully soothing for me. Just us...hanging out...oh, and did I mention the relaxing nap on the couch?

But as if the day's circumstances hadn't been amusing enough, just as we were leaving to go get dinner, the power came back on...right as we were putting on our coats and shoes. Really?

 We headed out anyways. While the blue skies were great to see, it was a sharp contrast to the piles of snow everywhere - even on his truck. Our venturing out also confirmed my hesitations about driving to work that morning. The roads were so messy after the storm had passed that I can't imagine how difficult they would have been to navigate in my light little truck during the snow.

A little bit of spice on a cold winter's day! Back when I lived in Texas, there was an Asian place that I always enjoyed, and a few weeks ago, I found a franchise here. The sesame chicken that Wildcat Guy ordered definitely had some heat to it.

My Mongolian chicken, on the other hand, was perfectly sweet; and dinner was a great moment out of the house before settling in for a more normal, well-powered evening.

Who knew that I could enjoy a snow day just as much as an adult as I used to as a high school student?!


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