two-page tuesday: potter's ranch

Last month, two days after Wildcat Guy and I got home from our house-hunting excursion to Michigan, I packed up my scrapbooking supplies for a weekend retreat in northern Kentucky with Faithful Blonde. That's what you do when you're only two weeks from moving, right? Go away for two delightfully selfish days of relaxation, creativity, and friendship? Or is that just me?

It was just what I needed, though, to provide some solace and nourishment for my spirit before life got crazy. I am so grateful it worked out that I could participate!

 Bear came with me, holding my stack of cards tracking what needed done for each page.

 This is the before shot - the stack of papers, photos, etc. I'd sort of pre-assembled.

Page #1, from Spring 2012.
Page #2, from December 2010.
Something I was thrilled about (even more than usual) was how much I was able to pull from my supplies on hand. Everything on this page - down to the button - came straight out of my stash.
I tore this page from a magazine a number of years ago, thinking it would be a great layout for the following page.
Page #3, from February 2008. I can't say I love how it turned out...but I like it well enough.
Page #4, from January 2011. I think I'll end up adding some stickers to the white spaces, but I loved that I had this silver sparkly paper in my stash to match the glasses!

Page #5, from March 2012.
Page #6, from December 2011. There is a lot of journaling to be added into that empty space.
Page #7, from June 2007. After searching and searching for a Disney paper that would look good with this picture, I finally decided to just make something Disney-esque.
Page #8, from April 2012. This is possible one of the favorite pages I made.
Page #9, from October 2011. This was a simple page, cropped here to respect the privacy of the colleagues I co-presented a roundtable discussion with at a professional conference.
 Page #10, from March 2012.

Page #11, from March 2012.
Page #12, from September 2011.
This is the after shot - a stack of fourteen pages (two of which I'm not sharing) all done.

I was thrilled with all the work I got done (and, as you can tell from the page dates, all the catching up that happened). It felt great, and as I alluded to before, having all that time to sit and play was good for me mentally and emotionally, too.

Now if only I can continue that momentum once I get my scrapbook table set up here...


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