this week was good because of...

...our first piece of jointly-purchased furniture.

...Wildcat Guy's willingness to take on household chores to make our evenings more relaxing.

...a neat inspirational message on the side of my Friday-evening chai latte.

...finding my rhythms and place in the new job (including affirmation from my new boss about my role and her expectations for me). warm enough to drive without gloves on.

...finding K-LOVE on the radio.

...this visually and spiritually beautiful reflection.

...our discovery that the sandwich shop down the road has fresh-brewed sweet tea.

...brunch with Vintage Blonde and her family. (It was surreal and amazing to visit for a few hours from across the metro area, v. a few days from another state.)

...savoring the last slice of the delicious spice cake Vintage Blonde brought as a welcome present.

...the amusing background on my Gmail account that changes with the weather.

...some great food for thought as I consider how to incorporate scrapbooking into my new routines.

What made your week good?


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