torn out: from life:beautiful

 (For as much as I like this magazine, I don't talk about it nearly enough! It is a wonderful women's magazine - a delightful blend of cooking, decorating, crafts, and more, all rooted in a faith-based foundation. It is inspirational in so many ways, spiritually and practically.)

 (Sometimes, I disagree with the more conservative or traditional points - but I did relate to the editor's comments about a woman being the glue that holds a family together as the nurturer, caregiver, etc.)

 (As Wildcat Guy and I navigate our way through a time of uncertainty, this was welcome reassurance.)

 (I've let my photo files get unorganized in recent months. This was good motivation to not only get reorganized, but also approach it with a simpler method.)

 (This verse is a favorite, and I enjoyed the beautiful script.)

 (I am very much looking forward to reading one of the books shown here - A Million Little Ways - and a couple of the others looked interesting, too.)

 (I like that, in addition to the books, music and movies, they highlight online media, as well.)

 (I forgot to take a picture of the pancake tree - envision a stack of progressively smaller pancakes stacked to look like a Christmas tree - but I did remember to mark the recipe for the pancakes and the frosting layered between each one.)

(What I was most excited to find in this issue, though, was the daily Scripture-reading guide. One of my intentions this year is to spend more time reading my Bible; and I decided to start with the Psalms. This calendar has a day-by-day list to follow, and I am already enjoying having this as part of my morning reading!)

Source: the Holiday 2013 issue of Life:Beautiful

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What I'm reading: The Ten Trusts by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff


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