torn out: from in style

(It's always amusing to see the January issue of any magazine - all the promises that come with a new year.)

(One thing that I think makes this year very special, though? It will be the Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac - as I said to Wildcat Guy the other day, that means this will be my year. Hmmm.)

(Sigh. Remembering that a song was popular when you were in college is completely different, time-wise, than reading that it's been fourteen years since a song came out. What?! It's been how long since I fell in love with that video??)

(It was good to see a positive feature on her, though - she looks good!)

(I rarely tear recipes out from this magazine, since they often skew a little more gourmet than my tastes or abilities like - but this seemed pretty straight-forward, and the baby carrots would be a novelty.)

Source: the January issue of InStyle

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