this week was good because of...

...a day trip to the Newport Aquarium - one last fun excursion before the demands of moving set in.

...all the sharks that they have - and the other cool animals, too. that tasted like homemade pizza done with delicious ingredients.

...Wildcat Guy letting me pick this movie to watch with dinner one night. upper body massage that released a lot of tension and soothed my soul.

...the couples' Bible study that Wildcat Guy and I have begun. (Thanks, Faithful Blonde!)

...a yummy dinner of sushi and bento boxes. evening with the in-laws.

...Gru's "help" packing around the apartment. (And by help, I mean confusion about what's happening.)

...spending an evening at Mom and Dad's. and movie night with friends.

...the leftover spread from this recipe, used as a tasty topping for my breakfast toast.

...making good use, in general, of what's in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to make our meals.

...a safe trip up to Michigan to look for a place to live.

...the many emails I've received from future colleagues and students to welcome me to my new position.

...the support and encouragement from family, friends and former colleagues following the announcement of my next professional and our next personal steps.

What made your week good?


jhansen said…
I finally asked my husband to purchase the movie, Love Actually, for Christmas this past year. It will become one of two movies now that I have to watch every Christmas. Somehow it just doesn't seem like Christmas without watching Love Actually now.

Good luck on your next adventure! I hope we get to hear a little bit of it soon!
Lee said…
Interestingly, "Love Actually" has never been a Christmas movie for me. It's in the "sweet romantic sappy movies I watch when I want a little bit of 'awww' in my life." =)

And yes - stories of the new adventure will certainly be forthcoming!

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