one little word 2014: create

This year, the word that I've chosen - or perhaps more accurately, the word that seemed to be rooted in both my head and heart as something to focus on - is create.

Above my scrapbooking work space is an old calendar by, interestingly enough, artist Ali Edwards that I continue rotating through occasionally because of the beautiful word art. One of the months highlighted this word, create - and this sentiment stood out:

"create a life you love."

Hence, the other sentiments listed in the photo - God-centered, artistic, healthier, full of love, wi$e, happy, content. When I thought about what kind of life I would most love to create, it would be a life that has those elements as key focal points. If something is not contributing to my growth in one of those areas, I need to ask myself why I'm giving it energy and time and attention.

This year, to help me maintain my focus, I not only spent time setting intentions in my journal, but also created (ha!) a page in my daily planner. This allows me to carry my intention with me day in and day out, that I might more strongly incorporate this word into all that I do.

Stay tuned for how my intentions unfold!

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, and Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott


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