this week was good because of...

...hanging our Christmas wreath (and delighting in our version of the "Just Married" ornament).

...remembering that simple can be beautiful - even when it comes to holiday decorating.

...good conversations with Wildcat Guy about moving somewhere new.

...the invitation to a campus interview. storms and winter weather that was not as inconvenient as expected.

...the opportunity to spend time talking with a student in-depth about improving her writing.

...the opportunity to spend time talking with a student in-depth about life and relationships. (Different student and different needs, but equally rewarding!)

...this surprise article in MSN Music that made me smile - because I know exactly the person they are talking about, and have seen him in action.

...the perfect movie for getting into the holiday spirit.

..our Christmas card order arriving in the mail!

...truly delightful music at the annual campus Christmas Concert.

...a delicious, rich and creamy pasta dish.

...this smooth, laidback interpretation of a college-days club standard.

...baking. Lots of baking. (That's two dozen cupcakes, four dozen cookies, and almost two dozen muffins. Because I'm a cool instructor like that.)

...a culinary reminder to focus less on unnecessarily high standards and more on the purpose. (And yes, if you're wondering - simple and purposeful is a theme in my thoughts right now.)

...this lovely thought from Saturday's yoga instructor: "bow your thinking head to your feeling heart."

...the lovely little laptop that Dad handed down. ("I even like the color." - name that movie, anyone?)

...a well-considered reflection on our public selves and home selves.

...being invited to a campus dinner with our midyear commencement speaker.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert


Catt Larson said…
What is that pasta dish?? I would like some right now!

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