this week was good because of...

...a campus interview that went well and deepened my interest in the position.

...a phone interview (with a different institution) that went decently.

...making a reasonably decent meal out of the fast food options around my hotel.

...taking advantage of being in Michigan to meet and snuggle with Vintage Blonde's baby daughter!! (Out of respect for the online privacy her mama and papa have asked for, I won't be sharing photos - so you'll just have to take my word for the fact that she is absolutely lovely and adorable.)

...dancing in the truck (Vintage Blonde would be so proud).

...the reminder of what it's like to drive in a city (hello, evening traffic) and in snow.

...making the most of my travel to stop for a couple of days to visit with Faithful Blonde and her family.

...conversations of all sorts with her (and her husband) that lasted until the lights went out - literally! (That's what happens when you rely on the Christmas tree and other lights on timers.) first visit to the Cincinnati Museum.

...interesting conversations about evolution v. creation. skating! (It didn't take me very long to remember the rhythm - although this did make me miss roller-blading.)

...the opportunity to have insightful conversations with a young man who is so smart, yet still growing. and baking - with Faithful Blonde and her sweet daughter.

...episodes of "The Sing-off."

...playing the "new" electronic version of Monopoly. Wow, prices have gone up!

...the ability to say, "I need a break" when one of the kids wants to jump immediately into a new activity. large order of scrapbook pages - just the incentive to get myself re-focused and re-motivated to start catching up on pages in my regular albums.

...celebrating "National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day."

...dinner at a local pizza place with my love to catch up and share stories when I got home Saturday.

...Christmas shopping for our niece and nephew.

...sticking to my budget for Christmas shopping (and resisting the temptation to splurge).

...the combination of patience and holiday spirit.

...half-price Christmas decorations that prompted me to (finally) try out this simple craft.

...getting a better feel for how Wildcat Guy and I would like to decorate for the holidays.

...shrimp stir fry in our new wok. Yum!

...the oddly appealing emptiness of the calendar after Christmas.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home sweet home
What I'm reading: just finished The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert


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