tassels on our tree

Some months ago, probably back in the graduation season of May, I saw a really neat idea - a way to make ornaments from the tassels of a graduation cap. (Sadly, I can't find the link any more.) It was one of those craft ideas that I filed away under "some day."

Then, while I was finishing some Christmas grocery shopping yesterday, I saw these glass ornaments on sale. $3 for the box. So I got them and decided that "some day" was happening now. At least for this project.

On the left is the tassel I wore when I graduated from Boston College. On the right is the tassel my love wore when he graduated from EKU.

I have to admit - pulling the tops out of glass ornaments always makes me a little nervous. I worry that I'm going to crack or chip the top part! Thankfully, these seem to be made of sturdy, slightly thicker glass than the ornaments I'm used to, so I had no problems.

At least, no problems taking the tops off. Getting the tassel all the way into the ornament, on the other hand, presented a slight challenge. The year charm was just too wide to fit.

Now, if I'd bought the plastic ornaments that snap together (which were used in the original post I saw), this wouldn't have been a problem. But I really liked the seamless look of the glass ornaments, so I was determined to find a way for this to work.

A-ha! I took the charm off the side of the tassel, lowered the tassel all the way in, then used the loop on top to hang the charm on the outside of the ornament.

Okay, so not rocket science - I was still proud of myself for thinking of the alternative. Also, I ended up liking the multi-dimensional look it created - to let the memento be on the inside and outside of the glass ball.

Sadly, we don't actually have a tree up this year - only our wreath - but I'm very much looking forward to including these on our Christmas tree in the future, and thrilled to add to the collection of ornaments we are slowly accumulating as a couple.

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