last week was good because of...

(My apologies for this posting so late into the following week - I'm chalking it up to the difficulties posed by not having internet at home and choosing to accomplish some other things with my available online opportunities earlier in the week.)

...seeing the lovely new Disney movie with my prince. amazing holiday dinner with close friends.

...realizing that some healthier homemade dinners are just as easy to put together as more processed meals would be.

...homemade chicken tenders that were absolutely delicious! (Thank you, my love, for making these while I rested on the couch.)

...reading the reflection essays my students wrote for their final exams, and the reward of finding out just what they appreciated from my class.

...the students' kind comments and feedback as our semester together ended.

...having a small lump removed successfully, and being able to take good care of the incision.

...Wildcat Guy's patience and support as I dealt with this health matter (sometimes less maturely than I should probably admit).

...setting up the nativity in our living room.

...pancake cupcakes with maple syrup frosting - a treat for my students at their 8 a.m. final.

...wi$e shopping at a local ladies' night Christmas market.

...the colorful Christmas tree that my in-law's put up in the living room this year. (The lights are definitely of the multi-colored variety, even though I used this photo to highlight the blue ones alone.)

...attending the Christmas cantata at my in-laws' church on Sunday morning (including the yummy buffet of home-cooked food at the church lunch).

...a productive and undramatic end to my last week at work.

...getting all our Christmas cards ready.

...using our new rice cooker for the first time.

...this adorable fun that I just found out about.

What made your week good last week?

Where I am: Detroit, MI
What I'm reading: (here) the December issue of InStyle; (at home) The Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert


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