wisdom, with a side of fur

Last night, as I was taking some photos of goods I'm selling, I turned around to see this amusing scene on the couch. It was like Gru was moments away from turning on the TV to play a video game. Or maybe he was waiting for one of us to reach for the remote, in hopes of ambushing us to demand attention.

Not that I would blame him if he did. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Wildcat Guy and I weren't home much - in fact, there were three different days when kitty didn't get his dinner until almost midnight. And yet he is patient and sweet and willing to remind us with a simple meow (and maybe a paw) that he is there and would like a bit of our love.

Which makes me wonder - how often do we find ourselves feeling lonely and neglected, not realizing that perhaps friends and family are so caught up in their own day-to-day that they just haven't noticed our loneliness or need? Kitty reminds me that we have to speak up with our own version of a simple meow - not because people are intentionally disregarding us, but because it's too easy to get immersed in the busy-ness of life and lose track of others' true needs.

written for and inspired by Tuesdays Unwrapped

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