this week was good because of...

...the three-day weekend that Wildcat Guy and I spent in Michigan with Mr. and Mrs.Vintage Blonde.

...introducing Wildcat Guy to IKEA.

...laughter. Lots and lots and lots of laughter.

...ahh. Eastern Market. Enough said.

...this inspiring list that reminds me how important the little things are in the big picture.

...fresh doughnuts from Apple Charlie's.

...the first of many transition meetings with the person I've been substituting for.

...the adorable llamas sporting their Q-tip cuts.

...lazy mornings with friends.

...the first set of wedding photos - from our photo booth photographer.

...a beautiful baby shower full of love and blessings for Vintage Blonde and her baby daddy.

...the way he cares for me when I'm sick (and his patience with the middle-of-the-night coughing fits that wake us both up).

...sitting on the couch with Gru-kitty when we got home on Sunday night.

What made your week good?

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