this week was good because of...

...our wedding. I will definitely be sharing more stories related to the wedding in the weeks ahead, but for now, I will simply say that it was a perfect day - actually, perfect long weekend of celebrations - and we are feeling very blessed by all the love and joy that have been shared with us in the past week.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: absolutely nothing!


jhansen said…
Congratulations! I have been an avid (but quiet) reader of your blog. You both look so happy! Have a wonderful life and looking forward to hearing about the wedding!
Lee said…
I always enjoy when you leave a comment! Thanks so much for your kind wishes. =)
Kat McNally said…
Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Wildcat!
I am so happy for, and proud of, you. It's been a privilege to share the journey with you here.
Lee, remember when we first met in Mondo Beyondo? You were bravely venturing into the world of dating and manifesting your dream guy. Then Wildcat Guy magically appeared!
Can't wait to see more pics and hear about your special day.
Much love. xxx
Lee said…
Kat, thank you so much for your delightful note! The way life unfolded has certainly been interesting (and amusing). =)

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