this week was good because of...

...having Labor Day off for the first time since I've worked at this particular institution! (It's typically been a day reallocated to the winter holidays...and also why this post is coming a day later than usual.)

...a beautiful skyscape in between thunderstorms.

...gratitude that my errands and activities on Saturday afternoon and evening were spaced just so (through no planning on my part) to avoid being on the road during the storms.

...the assortment of doilies I found at a local peddlers mall.

...playing Scrabble with my love - even if he did beat me. (And yes, I had all of those letters in my tray at one time.)

...a partner who takes care of me when I'm not feeling well - physically or emotionally - and recognizes when I just need some personal space.

...creating a nice little meeting spot in my office.

...first meetings with more of my students.

...surviving my first classroom experiences. planning for my trip to the grocery store.

...Gru's company while I made my grocery list. (He wouldn't admit it, but he was happy I pulled this chair over for him to sleep on during the thunder.)

...saving 70 cents on gas, thanks to all the fuel points we earned last month!

...a lovely movie that I checked out from the library for my Saturday night (while Wildcat Guy was off watching the Cats' first game of the season).

What made your week good?

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