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Good grief...I have been meaning to write this post for more than a month now. Sigh. And I suppose I could have just not written it...but I'd already uploaded the photos, and I just can't pass up a chance to write about food...especially from a visit to Baker Blonde, whom I love in part because she appreciates good food as much - or maybe more? - than I do, especially if it's local. 

So here it is...another round of good eats from one of my favorite places to visit...

There is something wonderful about starting your visit with cupcakes. Especially when they're Hot Pink cupcakes. Next time, we just have to remember to buy the cupcakes at the end of our excursion...because walking around downtown in July is not very kind to cupcake frosting.

It also means not as many cupcakes actually make it home. In the midst of our walkaround, Baker Blonde declared that she needed a cupcake...and if she was going to have one, Wildcat Guy figured he might as well have one, too. And yes - they were delicious. As if that was in doubt???

Unfortunately, I was also reminded of Wildcat Guy's disinterest in waffle cones. I somehow routinely forget that - maybe because I'm blocking out such strange ideas?? As we stood on the sidewalk outside the ice cream shop smelling freshly-made waffle cones, I simply couldn't understand why someone wouldn't be drooling over them...because Baker Blonde and I definitely were.

For lunch that first day, we went to a local classic. Mini-Baker Blonde #1 wasn't too thrilled with her PB&J - I think because of the massive quantities of both that were on the sandwich - but our sandwiches were good, even though I have no photo of it. Apparently, being at a table of four adults and three kids was distracting enough that this was the only photo I took there.

After lunch, we visited a local you-pick-em farm to eat...I mean, pick some blackberries.

Nope. It is simply not possible to visit the farm without having some homemade ice cream afterwards. This is totally the reward for standing out in the sun picking berries! (On a side note, I was proud of myself for trying something new - i.e. the blackberry ice cream - instead of going with the safe chocolate option.)

This is a really bad photo of a really tasty dinner. As I may have mentioned before, Baker Blonde is much less fearless at improvising in the kitchen than I am. The result on Wednesday evening was this salsa chicken lasagna. Truly. It was tasty and filling.

And as if we hadn't had enough sweets that day (is there any such thing?), we ended the day with some homemade blackberry cobbler. This was awesome both in flavor and in method - a pan of berries, a box of cake mix, and a can of soda. Definitely a "recipe" that makes letting go of boxed cake mixes supremely difficult.

On Thursday, we had lunch in the most perfect way possible - taking our Jimmy John's sandwiches with us to the beach. What you don't see in this photo is me having an, "I love that this is my life today" kind of moment. Definitely something I miss intensely about the coastal life.

Friday's lunch was almost as good - fresh, tasty seafood at a highly popular local waterfront place. Wildcat Guy decided to try the shrimp and grits...

...while I opted for the crab cake sandwich and sweet potato fries. (I was hungry!) This was just as good (and filling) as I hoped it would be.

Baker Blonde was not in any way interested in tasting Wildcat Guy's shrimp and grits. Not at all.

Actually, he should probably just be pleased that she waited for his assent before she took a bite. She doesn't always.

Friday night, there was a delightful feast at Baker Blonde's house for her family, us and another family that was visiting for the night. We started with bowls of salad...

...before moving quickly to the main plates of ribs, mac-and-cheese bites, and fresh (!) corn on the cob. I'm not normally a ribs person, because of how little meat they sometimes have on them, but if all ribs were this yummy and meaty, I would be willing to rethink my stance.

(And this was not the sum total of food that came across my plate...it was just what was there when I remembered to take a picture.)

After Saturday's excess of food (and food preparation), having a laidback Sunday lunch at our favorite local sushi restaurant was perfect. In addition to my standard crab rangoons, I tried the sweet potato tempura, too...but they were just okay. Maybe a little too thickly-sliced for my liking.

The California roll, though not adventurous, was delightful. I will almost always order this, even if I try other rolls, too.

Wildcat Guy knew that sushi wouldn't be very filling for him, so he ordered from the regular menu instead. He said the sesame chicken was good.

Sunday afternoon, Wildcat Guy mentioned how badly he was craving Ale-8. Truly, Baker Blonde made his day - possibly his week - when she suggested contacting a local specialty candy and soda shop to see if they carried it. It turns out they do. So even though it was only a day until we'd be back in Kentucky, where we could buy all the Ale-8 he wanted, we made a stop to get him a couple of bottles. (And people think that I am an Ale-8 fan??)

After stopping to get him his sodas, we continued on to our primary destination for some homemade gelato. (Okay, technically, we were going to get fudge for the friend who took care of Gru while we were gone...but it seemed inappropriate to be there and not have gelato.)

Triple chocolate for me (mmmm!), and mint Oreo for him. This was a good idea.

I think Baker Blonde had originally intended to cook dinner Sunday evening, but with Mr. Baker Blonde and Mini-Baker Blonde #1 gone for the afternoon and evening, we decided that getting burgers and fries from another local establishment sounded just as good. Seriously - I love these burgers, and will never mind that we eat these!

Sadly, we had to leave the next day. Well, sad for me. But probably good for my waistline.

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