two-page tuesday: after a move

Yay! I got to spend some time scrapbooking - and yes, I have created a distinction in my creative world between the weekly work I do on Project Life and the scrapbooking that I have been away from for some months...I suppose because one feels like, well, a Project and the other like a soul-nurturing creative meditation.

When there were only two decent photos from an occasion that ended abruptly due to pouring rain - neither of which felt lovely enough to print as an enlargement - this simple layout felt like a good option. In some ways, looking at it now, the idea of our drizzly observance being surrounded (on paper) by the leaves seems to be the perfect representation of that day.

However, I realized that I had not been as organized as I thought in moving my scrapbook supplies - which included the boxes of "stuff" that I have for my pages. I found this stack of leftovers from a friend's baby shower easily fact, right where it should have been. And yet there were pieces missing.

Much searching and fussing later, I finally found the actual invitation and extra items I'd been looking a miscellaneous stack of things in the living room which I keep meaning to put away "sometime."

Unfortunately, by the time I found what I'd been looking for, I had just enough time to create the layout and realize I didn't have the right green paper in my supplies on hand. Which meant no completed layout.

But I was scrapbooking. Ah, the bliss. It felt really good - an affirmation that my decision to continue incorporating Two-Page Tuesday into my weekly schedule was the right one.

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