this week was good because of...

...a cute morning moment in which Boxer-kitty's expression matched my thoughts exactly.

...the first opportunities to really talk and work with students in my new professional role.

...crumb cake with extra topping - and by extra, I mean insanely extravagant. More on that soon. sister-in-law delivering a healthy baby girl.

...Sunday afternoon at the pool.

...the awesome cut and style I got on Saturday from a new stylist.

...being reminded that, even though the style she used was not something I normally do (for lack of patience and hence, ability), isn't that kind of the perk of having my hair styled professionally??

...a really beautiful, inspiring cookbook that I found at the library.

...spending the day in Lexington with Wildcat Guy. first dress fitting.

...finishing our errands slowly, so that we would still be there when dinnertime arrived. frozen yogurt to go with my standard Brownie Batter.

...a powerfully-worded article on the role of setting (and fulfilling) intentions.

...a delicious dinner made by my love.

...Stephanie Nielson's lovely entry about a family tradition (which I adore in and of itself) and a new family theme (which I found inspiring both in practice and in message).

...this lovely Google doodle. email addressed to "Professor" Sleepeybear. This new set of students that I'm working with continue to amuse and reward me as the semester gets underway.

...the stack of newly-copied syllabi sitting on my desk. at-home "pizza and a movie" date to end the week.

...all the laughter and silliness we shared.

What made your week good?

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