this week was good because of...

...a couple of hours at our wedding site, planning and brainstorming and wine-tasting.

...(finally!) solidifying details so that we can plan accordingly.

...almost all of the wedding invitations going in the mail. for our wedding rings.

...the opportunity to march in the faculty procession during the "welcome to campus" ceremony for first-year students.

...professional development opportunities that prompt inspiration and thoughtful considerations.

...homemade barbeque sauce. De-licious!!

...the first preview for the new Disney documentary.

...seeing this talented artist's TedX talk about those other bears I find so dear and intriguing, and totally loving this line - "Like passion's transferable?"

...a lovely autumn-like day - in August! - that allowed us to open the window.

...Wildcat Guy's willingness to clean the window of spiders and their webs.

...Sunday's sermon, which was such a good moment of clarity and wisdom.

...using cheese from a local farm for Friday night's grilled cheese sandwiches.

...time spent catching up with students I worked with last year.

...beating three levels of CandyCrush.

...a new recipe for whole-wheat pancakes that starts with a made-from-scratch pancake mix.

...this quote in a Chronicle article, attributed to a man named Buck Smith: "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don't mind who gets the credit."

What made your week good?

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