this week was good because of...

...going to the movies with my favorite date.

...evenings and weekends that are completely open (one of the benefits to a job with more traditional office hours).

...making Puppy Chow to send to my former colleagues who are about to embark on ten days of staff training. email newsletter from my yoga teacher that really struck home with its sentiments of showing grace and compassion to ourselves, especially in our most emotional moments.

...this inspiring reminder that photography is an individual pursuit that should serve the purposes of the one taking the photos.

...a book that is making me think about the hard questions - and wonder why they're hard.

...gorgeous sunny weather for my afternoon at the pool.

...unexpected words of wisdom about a tough issue.

...ending the week nicely with an evening walk with a friend and her doggies.

...a tangy, refreshing recipe for honey-lemon grilled chicken.

...gratitude that Wildcat Guy chose wisely and shared the news that one of the spoiled potatoes he threw away had maggots in it. (As if that needed to be considered in the first place, right??)

...(finally!) having an office to move into.

...celebrating the arrival of a co-worker's baby.

...this really (really) cool science news. (Even though the idea of towns and forests being underwater kind of creeps me out, I am always still fascinated by these types of stories.)

...the learning opportunity of writing lesson plans and a syllabus. interesting conversation with the Academic Vice President about teaching.

...finishing a book I should have read years ago.

...a kitty cat who likes to greet me from the window when I get home.

...the curious question of whether the shows I'm able (or not) to watch online are the universe's commentary on my need to think about what I watch.

...these delicious (super-flavorful) sweet and spicy meatballs.

...a beautiful photo tribute to a city that I will always have in my heart.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: CrazyLove by Francis Chan


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