this week was good because of... first road trip ever with Faithful Blonde.

...plenty of good conversation - both in the car while we traveled, and throughout the weekend - and the genuine care I find in their questions and discussions.

...Baker Blonde's wonderful hospitality - including lovely cupcakes and an amazing gift basket. amazing girls' weekend with two-thirds of my bridal party (with the third there in spirit). much laughter and fun in everything we did.

...digging my newly-pedicured toes into the sand...a little bit. (Note to self - next time you know you're going to the beach, wait to get the pedicure after the trip. It will save you fretting about chipping the polish with the afore-mentioned digging.)

...lots of conversations with Baker Blonde and Faithful Blonde about the wedding plans. travels in the 26 hours of driving that I did this weekend. music to keep me entertained on the last leg of Sunday's drive (by myself).

...lunch at one of my favorite beach restaurants. (Always delightful to sit on the pier!)

...stocking the fridge and freezer for Wildcat Guy while I was gone.

...the "let's catch up with each other" break at the coffee shop Thursday with former colleagues.

...a successful first attempt to make cornbread in the microwave.

...relief that my oven is finally (!) fixed.

...staying self-motivated at work. (The combination of being new to the job and not having students around during the summer has made for a quiet I've been proud of myself for identifying my own tasks and readings.)

...the interesting cat drama that unfolds on our back porch.

...Wildcat Guy's amusement at my efforts to name the neighborhood kitties. (I figured names would be easier than constantly describing them.)

...this useful clarification of names for fruit-and-pastry desserts.

...quiet evenings at home with my guys.

...returning to Project Life. (Even though I'm lots of weeks behind, it felt really good to sit and work and get even one week done.)

...the opportunity to continue consulting - on random occasions - about judicial questions.

...a reflection to remind me that humility and strength are not exclusive of each other.

What made your week good?

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