this week was good because of...

...going on a road trip to North Carolina (and surviving the crazy rainstorm we drove through on the way to our destination).

...the simple fact that Wildcat Guy was coming along (which he isn't always able to).

...all the stuff we've done with Baker Blonde and her family - both big and small.

...making our traditional cupcake stop.

...friends like her who understand my need to take pictures of every. little. thing.

...blackberries fresh from the vine.

...the gorgeous, not-rainy weather every day.

...spending the Fourth of July afternoon at the beach.

...his willingness to go along with things, even if they're not his favorites.

...the opportunity to cook and bake with Baker Blonde (and her adorable little sidekick).

...plenty of good eating (with lots more details on that to come).

...a fantastic fireworks display by the water.

...watching Wildcat Guy care for and play with the kids during our visit.

...the entertaining progression from their disinterest in to insistence on his company.

...seeing him read his first bedtime story.

...lots of snuggles, laughs and playtime with two lovely little girls.

...the beautiful bouquet of flowers (from my going-away party the week before) that looked lovely on the dining room table in our new place.

...feeling good - really good - about the amount of unpacking and organizing we were able to do before we left on our vacation.

...surviving my first day at my new job - even with the commute and early arrival. (When the earliest you normally arrive at work has been between 9 and 10 am, having a new job that starts every day at 8 am is an adjustment!)

...all the information I was able to soak into my brain that first day.

...this new professional opportunity - and my now-former director who cared enough to stop by on my first day to say hi.

What made your week good?

Where I am: North Carolina
What I'm reading: just finished the June issue of InStyle


Catt Larson said…
The licking picture is hilarious and the firework one is awesome!

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