this (past) week was good because of...

...a beautiful new shirt that I wore for the first time.

...remembering the truth that turning your body slightly results in a more flattering photo.

...spending some time at the pool on Saturday before the storm moved in.

...a timely message at church on Sunday about worry and trust. (I hope to revisit this more in depth!)

...meeting more of our feline neighbors.


...being amused by their antics and behaviors.

...Wildcat Guy's help around the house - especially with meals over the weekend!

...a simple meal using this subtly-flavored pasta recipe (minus the parsley and almonds) as a starting point. (and entertaining) travels home on Monday.

...putting this pot (and its colleagues) to good use on the stovetop while the oven isn't working. (In fact, I used this pot four different times in one evening - for sweet tea, for hardboiled eggs, and for the above-mentioned pasta and shrimp.)

...this song on the radio Tuesday morning.

...this delightful moment of a bird serenading us in the theater parking lot on Wednesday night (after we saw this really fun movie that both of us had been anticipating). impromptu three-stop grocery shopping excursion that turned out wi$ely.

...this cool casting-prospect news that I am totally in favor of.

...a well-balanced meal of turkey burgers, brown rice and zucchini-squash salad (using a new recipe courtesy of Taste of the South).

...using my time wisely at work (even if that means filling my brain to capacity with all the information I'm reading).

...Gru feeling more and more at home in our new house (including finding things like this chair pillow to try out as a new bed).

...getting almost all of the boxes unpacked. (Never mind that just because they're unpacked doesn't mean everything is put away...yet).

...a fun (and varied!) list of books to try.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: a few different things


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