meeting the neighbors

Apparently, the back deck of our new place is quite the popular hangout! Since we moved in, we've been enjoying "meeting" the friendly neighbors.

And by "meeting," I mean gazing out at them through the window of the kitchen door. As sweet as they seem to be, I'm hesitant to be too friendly with them for fear they'll try coming in the house - and to avoid passing anything along to our own kitty.

They certainly are adorable, though. So far, we've seen five different neighborhood kitties (even if I've only gotten photos of two of them).

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the ducks. They're a little more distant - but I can certainly understand their desire to stay close to their pond.

One other neighbor, on the other hand, has no problem coming in and making herself at home. But since I've heard that ladybugs are considered good luck, I didn't mind at all.

Where I am: North Carolina
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