forgetful early mornings

Since our move into the new place, we have not made the necessary arrangements for internet service. Which means I've been writing my blogs during my lunch breaks at work. Which means I have to transfer my photos from camera to computer on Sunday night if I want to write my "this week was good" post on Monday.

Except that, yesterday evening, as I was listening to music on my laptop in the midst of doing five different things around the house, my laptop's battery died. That was also when I found out that the extra cord I thought I had at home was actually the one sitting in my office on campus. (Because having two cords at work and none at home is exactly what you want to happen on a Sunday, right?)

All of that would have turned out fine if I'd either:
a) put my camera cord in my work bag last night when I thought of it, or
b) remembered the cord this morning when I was getting ready to leave.

But as you might guess after reading this far, neither of those happened. So I decided to share this beautiful photo from last Tuesday morning that I'd already transferred onto my laptop instead, with a promise to bring you the latest edition of "this week was good" tomorrow.

Enjoy, and here's to a fantastic week!

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