why my cat dislikes pinterest

Okay, I have a confession to make - Wildcat Guy and I occasionally have fun at Gru's expense. There. I said it. But some moments are just too priceless to pass up.

For example...a couple of weeks back, we were having a laidback, "hanging out at home" kind of Friday night - watching TV, relaxing, and (for me) browsing through Pinterest. Now, typically, when I browse Pinterest, I choose the "Everything" option. This means I get a fun assortment of crafts, fashion, food, inspiration and yes, laughs - like this delightfully funny picture that I immediately showed to Wildcat Guy.

Once we'd both laughed about it, I looked over at our kitty, lying so peacefully asleep on the armchair and commented, "We don't have Cheez-it's...but we do have oyster crackers."

But Gru wasn't interested in cooperating. I couldn't even put one cracker on him without him waking up. (In fact, if you look just to the right of his nose, you can see the one cracker that I wasn't able to put on him while he was sleeping.)

A little while later, after Kitty had fallen back sleep, Wildcat Guy decided to give it a try.

Nope. Kitty's fur is just too sensitive, apparently, because he woke right back up the second time.

"Really, Dad?," he seems to be saying. "You're in on this game, too?"

Not content to let sleeping cats lie, Wildcat Guy and I decided to change the game up and see how many crackers we could put on Gru while he was awake. (He's such a laidback cat that we were pretty sure this would work.)

Look at all those crackers! He actually did really well - acting pretty nonchalant about the whole thing - until one was put on his head. That pretty much was when he decided to be done.

But we were pretty impressed with ourselves - we put twenty-four crackers on Gru!

Okay, so maybe it wasn't the most spectacular entertainment...maybe we need to reconsider what qualifies as fun...but for that few moments, we thought we were hilarious - even if the cat disagreed.

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