this week was good because of...

...catching an afternoon movie with Wildcat Guy (and having fun in the lobby).

...a caterer that we really (really!) like.

...attending an amazing cultural heritage event with Faithful Blonde and her family.

...the dancers in their regalia and the drumming to accompany their movements (always so captivating!).

...learning about a historical array of monuments that I didn't even know existed. cream and a board game on Saturday evening.

...a very full weekend that I wouldn't have had any other way.

...getting to see Faithful Blonde's son play baseball - not once, but twice.

...perfect weather for all the outdoor activities.

...the delight of time spent with a group of people that is so dear to my heart.

...a much-needed message at church this morning.

...the awesome conversations with a close friend - whose opinion I trust so much - about life (and all its messiness) interspersed throughout the weekend.

...the simple amusement of Faithful Blonde's ducks.

...time to scrapbook and talk and laugh with friends.

...using a gift card at a restaurant we've been wanting to try.

...the opportunity to confirm that I am not a beer person. (I had sips from all four of the beers on Wildcat Guy's flight, and every single one tasted the same to me.)

...a night of pampering (with a haircut and pedicure) that was perfectly timed to soothe some raw emotions.

...Baker Blonde's support and reassurance when a conversation with Mama Bear went a lot differently than I expected.

...stopping for hot doughnuts.

...a potentially interesting twist to the life plans Wildcat Guy and I had for the next six months or so.

...Gru's "help" with packing. unexpected dinner with a few friends who were in Lexington for a conference.

...letting Wildcat Guy's opinions help me pick clothes.

What made your week good?

Where I am: just got home!
What I'm reading: just finished the June issue of Coastal Living


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