this week was good because of...

...a dinner-and-a-movie date night to celebrate being done - completely done! - with our move.

...strengthening our communication skills through the moving process (and his patience when my brain malfunctioned from being overwhelmed or full or empty).

...Wildcat Guy's compliments throughout the week about the ways I was arranging and organizing our new place.

...moving Gru successfully - and realizing that, as long as he has a few basic things like food, his chair and his people, his life is good.

...tucked in amongst the joyous reflection of her baby girl's first week, an inspiring comment about the difference between Real Problems and Pretend Problems.

...completely cleaning my old apartment in just five hours with Wildcat Guy.

...this really cool video demonstrating some of the special effects from The Great Gatsby.

...a delightful going-away party with the colleagues I've worked with for the past five years.

...the opportunity to practice some decision-making skills that I don't get to use very often.

...figuring out why the striped candies in Candy Crush go horizontally or vertically.

...the fun of a very beginners' ballet class on campus.

...snuggling with my friend's nine month-old baby.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home (my new home!)
What I'm reading: (nothing)


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