this week was good because of...

...relaxing at our new townhouse for a movie night on Saturday night after a couple of intense days of moving.

...the townhouse. Which we found and rented in less than a week.

...the "official" announcement confirming my new position.

...Gru's patience with all the moving chaos (even if patience is sometimes curling up on the couch and sticking your head under the blanket).

...using the moving experience as an opportunity to continue strengthening our communication and understanding.

...a cute trailer for Disney's upcoming movie.

...picking up my wedding dress from the store.

...resisting the urge to try it on every day. interesting video discussing the important of the social sciences - and, to me, of liberal arts as a whole. I found this statement particularly poignant: "do you think we'll lose our ability to dream?"

...a fun clothing store that I discovered in Lexington - and the cute shoes I bought that may end up being my wedding shoes.

...this...this...crazy-wise piece of writing that reminds me to stop worrying so much about what I'm going to look like in pictures.

...the "super moon" on Saturday night that was so bright my camera refused to capture the circle of the moon.

...this helpful reminder that, sometimes, even the best to-do lists need to be set aside.

...these awesome piggy banks at Target.

...lunch with a friend, her husband and their three week-old baby.

...a plate of delicious chicken tetrazzini. amazingly encouraging email conversation with Vintage Blonde (and the joy of her baby news finally being public).

...having a good meal plan in place for the week, so that we still can eat decent dinners in amongst all the moving.

..."which is better - 1 or 2?"

...Wildcat Guy's help with errands and tasks.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson


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