this week was good because of...

...seeing a sweet animated film with my favorite partner in crime.

...accepting an offer for a new (interim) job that meets my needs on so many levels - financially, emotionally, mentally and more.

...the opportunity to lounge by the pool for a while on Saturday.

...a delicious barbeque chicken dinner, complete with a jar of Mama Wildcat's sweet tea.

...fresh fruit and vegetables from Faithful Blonde's garden.

...the commitment to do yoga at home when Monday night's yoga class was cancelled.

...this reflection on why marriage is such a valuable relationship.

...catching the last few songs of a talented blues-folk-y band prior to a late-night comedy show at a favorite spot in downtown Lexington. early-evening walk with Wildcat Guy and our friends' doggies through the local park.

...this delightful birthday Google doodle.

...Wildcat Guy's patience when I want to indulge my CandyCrush fix on his iPad.

...borrowing Wildcat Guy's socks to stay warm at Mom and Dad's house.

 ...time talking and hanging out with my family - especially my Grandpa.

...the perfect answer to Mom's question of cake or pie - "I'd like some of both."

...this insightful article about the importance of being a good receiver.

...a beautiful sunset on the way home from Mom and Dad's.

...laughter with colleagues as we sorted through some realllly old files in the office.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson


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