things i learned in june

Inspired by this post at the delightful Chatting at the Sky blog, here are a few things I learned - or was reminded of - this past month.

That no matter how strenuously someone persists in their opinion, I have to make the decision that feels the most right for me. Even if that decision seems like it's not the most practical or logical or sensible option.

That when I follow my heart – when I follow the desires God puts there – amazing things will happen and all the pieces will fall into place. Because if I had followed the advice of that persistent person, I would not have been offered a unique job opportunity that meets our immediate and mid-term needs.

That deep friendships can be formed from unusual circumstances that transcend age and distance.

That we may have different styles of packing and moving, but Wildcat Guy and I still make a pretty good team.

That my local community of friendships is stronger than I realized, and that my circle of friends is a true blessing no matter how local or distant the friends are.

That it feels encouraging to expand my sense of style and what “works,” while still staying true to what feels good on my body and in my mind.

That the effect of the striped candies in Candy Crush can be predicted by the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of their stripes.

Okay, so that last one is pretty silly - but still just as true and valuable as the rest of them.

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


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