this week was good because of...

...not one but two meals at the fairly-new local McAlister's (and feeling relieved that it was as good as I remembered it - especially the tea!).

...understanding why the critics aren't entirely loving "The Great Gatsby" - and yet being amazed by the movie nonetheless.

...lots of couch time with Gru this weekend.

...having the three-day weekend to myself (more on that tomorrow!).

...a well-timed reminder that the anxiety I'm feeling about our next (unknown) step is not my burden alone - that I have a partner who deserves the respect of being included in my worry and concern and planning.

...a fresh and unique-tasting recipe for wild rice salad from Paula Deen.

...the big blocks of time in my work day (yay for the summer pace!). amazing reflection on the concept of "busy."

...using my beautiful new purse for the first time.

...this delightful list of perspective points. Seriously - you should read it and count the number of times you say to yourself (or maybe even someone else), "so true."

...the opportunity to collaborate on some organizing and cleaning in my department's office.

...a beautiful Sunday afternoon to sit on the lawn and relax.

...spending a few hours shopping and talking with a friend.

...intense but rewarding Power Flow yoga at the campus exercise studio.

...playing Scrabble with Wildcat Guy.

...overcoming my disappointment that I couldn't spell "chortle" (because I didn't have a C) by using an equally awesome word.

...delicious skillet-cooked pork chops topped with cinnamon apples. (Okay, so it's a dish better-suited to autumn and winter - that didn't make it any less delicious.)

...being caught up on a movie franchise just in time for the newest film.

What made your week good?

Where I am: home
What I'm reading: the summer music issue of Entertainment Weekly


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