this week was good because of...

(coming a day late due to difficulties downloading photos yesterday)

...seeing a movie and having dessert to celebrate his graduation last weekend.

...ordering my wedding dress (!).

...a rewarding professional opportunity to network with colleagues.

...a great recipe for homemade sloppy joes (made even better served on top of Hawaiian rolls).

...the awesome customer service at Hobby Lobby.

...a beautiful day for a drive down to eastern Kentucky.

...getting to meet more of Wildcat Guy's extended family (even if it was for a funeral).

...the advice in this article that helped me figure out how to reconstruct my resume (which was much needed after a five-year rest).

...seeing an absolutely awesome movie that has some great twists in it (and an amusing post-credits scene). last class with my favorite local yoga teacher (who is also moving away this summer).

...reflecting on the idea of finding your edge - not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. monkey bread that Wildcat Guy deemed even better than the traditional.

...finally deciding to buy the purse I've been drooling over.

...the simultaneously rewarding and unsettling feelings of cleaning out folders at the office.

...the first shaved ices of the season, on a summery Sunday afternoon.

...dinner with Mom.

...that moment when Wildcat Guy and I realized - almost at the same time - that John Cusack is in "Pretty in Pink." (How had I not realized that before??)

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly


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