this week was good because of...

...a delightful surprise "going away" celebration from my student staff.

...the beautiful scrapbook of notes and wishes they compiled.

...the tasting for our wedding cake.

...a good routine of exercise.

...restocking the fridge and the cupboard.

...the baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies for our Class of 2013.

...making an end-of-semester dinner for my staff. (Details to come!)

...dishes that I could make the day before.

...the end-of-year evaluation conversations with my student staff members.

...Wildcat Guy's help this week - with dinner preparations, with house-cleaning, with life.

...remembering that just because he does it differently doesn't mean it's done less successfully.

...a waffle cone of Blue Bell ice cream on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

...a wonderful view while I spent Friday afternoon in the kitchen. (I think it was Ina Garten's comments that I read recently, about the delight of having something pleasing to look at while spending time in the kitchen. I couldn't agree more!)

...iced green tea from Sonic - and the inspiration to make my own at home.

...lunch with colleagues.

...homemade chocolate frosting - and having enough for two different cakes (with some left over in the jar!).

...getting my savings above a specific target, and feeling good about the slow, steady reductions in my credit card balance.

What made your week good?

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