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 (The 5 April issue had a special feature on a book - and the effort to make it a movie - that, quite simply, I'd completely forgotten about. It will be interesting to see how it does in the midst of the current zombie trend.)

(I always enjoy these "top 10" features, because inevitably, there are a few things there that make me curious. In this case, it was the John Denver tribute and the novel, Reconstructing Amelia - that I've since heard compared to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl - that I'll be looking into.)
(The feature article in the 12 April issue made me realize that the TV show I'd kinda written off when it first started as"too much" might be worth a second look - even if it is actually "too much.")

(True story - I'd never heard of this until a couple of weeks ago, when a student was telling me about seeing it while on a recent trip to NYC. Then it shows up in EW. Now I need to find this movie.)
(As mentioned above, I realize I'm risking the label of "band wagon jumper," but this feature just makes the show sound so intriguing.)
(This interview-ish article with Brad Paisley - about the inspiration for some of his hits - was cool. I always enjoy hearing - errr, reading - elements from behind the scenes.)
(Swoon. This is by far my favorite thing about EW - the seasonal movie preview issues.)
(Another movie I need to find? This documentary.)
(There it is!! And yes, I'm excited about this summer's season of movies.)
(I do realize that the summer movie season actually starts this coming weekend with the much-anticipated Iron Man 3. But really - if I'm being honest - The Great Gatsby is what I'm on the edge of my seat to see.)
(This calendar is now hanging on my fridge, with specific movies and dates appropriately marked. I also really like that this calendar feels pretty all-inclusive. There are the major films, of course, but also a lot of smaller films and documentaries that I might not have heard of otherwise...and as a result, may not be able to see until they come out on DVD, considering the movie market where I live.)
(This review of the movie 42 felt pretty spot-on.)
(This quote, too, felt appropriate. Even if the movie had its fair share of corny and typical, what I appreciated the most about it was its ability to make me squirm in my seat with discomfort and disappointment.)

(Is it bad that I didn't realize all of these movies were books first? Especially Deliverance. Because there are some books that get dramatized a little bit in the translation to movie, and others that get diluted a bit. Makes me wonder which one of those applies there.)

Source: the April issues (5, 12 & 19/26) of Entertainment Weekly

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