this week was good because of...

...spending Easter with Wildcat Guy and his family.

...a lovely church service to celebrate Christ's resurrection and remember the amazing blessings His sacrifice provides in my life.

...confirming with Mom that we can finalize our contract with our new wedding venue.

...the ability to stay home sick on Thursday, and the understanding of colleagues with whom I had to reschedule meetings. of my student staff sending me a text message on Thursday afternoon, asking if I needed anything from the store.

...daffodils blooming on campus (even if winter is digging in its heels).

...the satisfaction of realizing that more than half of the students living in my buildings this year have confirmed their room reservations in the same buildings for next year.

...getting a pedicure on Friday afternoon. (I went with an old favorite - "Grape Lakes.")

...this amusing take on this week's debates and conversations about marriage equality...and this more genuine, thoughtful opinion, too.

...that hilarious moment in the department store when I couldn't decide which pair of shoes would go best with my Easter dress, so I bought all four pairs. (I would like to clarify, though, that I will not be keeping all four pairs...even if they were all on sale.)

...spending an afternoon at Target, working on our wedding registry.

...the delicious hamburgers (hidden well by the square bun) that Wildcat Guy made for dinner on Thursday night.

...celebrating two years of Gru living with us.

...laughing on Friday morning at the sight of them fast asleep - because if I'm the one who's sick, why I am up before either of them?

...the "thank you" meal I got to provide for my student staff earlier in the week, to acknowledge their awesome work and energy during the difficult moments in our work.

What made your week good?

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What I'm reading: just started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


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