this week was good because of...

...a peaceful, refreshing walk on Saturday morning after a really difficult few days at work.

...the kindness and grace flowing through our campus community in the wake of a student's death.

...showing Flat Stanley around town - including a cattle pasture along my walking path.

...letting myself say, "I need some quiet time to myself."

...seeing this good adaptation of the Oz story (which balances amazing visuals with an okay script).

...a weekend of movies that also included (finally!) seeing the last Twilight movie, and getting to see what made this movie such a critical success in the most recent movie season.

...snuggles and scratches with my friend's two adorable doggies.

...having Orange Leaf with Flat Stanley (and Wildcat Guy, who took the picture). And yes, those are marshmallows on my frozen yogurt - I picked those off and ate them on their own.

...the new single from my favorite band (and the news of their forthcoming new album).

...selecting photos for version 2 (i.e. the second eighteen months) of our Paper Coterie mural.

...the way certain songs - like this one - always make me think of my love.

...a moment of amusement when we saw that Gru had decided to lie on top of Wildcat Guy's iPhone...almost like he fell asleep while using it.

...taking naps.

...this really great (and real!) insight into one family's efforts to save money on their food budget. order of imported Girl Scout cookies arriving in the mail (and the subsequent humor of seeing cookie tables at every. single. store I've been to on the weekends). of a movie that sounds really interesting.

...the character portraits being released for the next Hunger Games movie.

...helping Flat Stanley make a snow angel (a creative endeavor of which I was super - super! - proud).

...the release date for a new book from my favorite author.

...Wildcat Guy's comment when he took the first bite of his nachos - "why haven't you made this for me before?"

...finding out that my dental visit last month was 100% covered by my new dental plan.

What made your week good?

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