torn out: from in style

 (Yes - 594 pages. I liked a lot of it!)

(Let's start with these shoes - which are pure amazing.)
(And then there were these shoes. Because red heels are never a bad idea, and because I thought the edging on the straps was just the right touch of something extra.)
(Yes! I really like this thick heel that's in this season.)
(The cut of this blazer is lovely, as is the fabric - especially the teal color.)
(Target gets me every year with their Spring shoes.)
(I don't know what that 81% is thinking - this style of shoe is so comfortable.)
(I have never heard of this book by C.S. Lewis - but my curiosity is piqued by the interesting title.)
(This quote from Megan Fox is such a case study of "the grass is greener on the other side.")
(Hmm. This could either be a fantastic idea, or not. Guess I'll have to try it and find out!)
(Oh, that I would be better at remembering this advice from Donatella Versace - to discover what allows you to be you.)

(Maybe if I was wearing this dress - with those fabulous black heels I mentioned earlier?)
(This is one of the few pages that I actually tore out - because I want to use this sweet patterned page in my journal.)
(There are some outfits that I could totally see myself in...and then there are others that I know I will never wear. But Baker Blonde, on the other hand? Would look stunning in this. Just maybe a different color, since she wouldn't love the orange.)
 (Sigh. She is so elegant and graceful and fashionable!)

(Another yay for block heels! I was worried that this past season's wedge heel would give way to something skinny and unwearable - right when I'm still looking for beautiful wedding heels in which I'll be walking across an open lawn - so I'm super relieved to still have viable options to shop.)
(This photo - of the stars of the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer movie - is so endearing.)
(They should have just called this issue the shoe issue. I completely agree with Mila Kunis' assessment of these as multi-purpose and gorgeous.)

(Michelle Williams' thoughts about our cultural celebrity obsession definitely made me pause - especially the last sentence.)
(Mmm, that sounds delicious - and I have to admit, I like the fruit juices instead of the lumps of fruit that sometimes turns me off from sangria.)
(These tarts look easy and savory - I will definitely have to try this recipe.)
(It's interesting to see JCPenney getting in on the mini-collection concept. I'll definitely have to check this one out.)

Source: March 2013 issue of InStyle

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Catt Larson said…
While I appreciate the sentiment that I could actually pull off anything Posh Spice wears, you're right about that orange! But a purple or teal...

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