this week was good because of...

...having this lovely bouquet of tulips in my apartment as a visual calm during a hectic, busy week.

...the turn of the month on my perpetual calendar.

...a January that was full and productive and wonderful.

...Gru rediscovering his love for the cozy dog bed that Wildcat Guy bought for him long ago.

...the courage to be honest - in the deepest heartfelt way - about what worries me and is difficult for me to handle. beans and rice, amped up with leftover shredded rotisserie chicken.

...a really interesting insight into the complicated balance between relationships and values.

...a sweet little box of chocolates from one of my student staff. an amazing conference on campus (with a casino theme).

...a feeling of accomplishment and an immense pride in the students who worked so hard to make this a reality.

...driving more than five miles in my little truck (and singing along - loudly - to the radio).

...the relief that a pain in my tooth turned out to be not much of anything.

...the cute kitty cats hanging out around campus.

...being asked to be the dog-sitter for my colleague friend when she has her baby in May - because she knows her dogs will feel comfortable with me from all of our walks together.

...leftover shawarma from Saturday night's banquet that made great Super Bowl food.

...the contradictory amusement of getting things done while the game is playing, and racing to the couch to catch all of the commercials.

...the delightful slice of chocolate cake that Wildcat Guy bought at the same place we picked up some cups of tzatziki sauce.

...a senior administrator who wants to make sure my next professional steps are good ones.

What made your week good?

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