the best of the super bowl

Okay, so there have been plenty of other commentaries shared out there about the good, bad and ugly of Super Bowl 2013 commercials. And to be honest, there were plenty of the latter two!

But there were a few - and by few, I mean seven - that I felt were Super Bowl-worthy, so I couldn't not pay them the (very) small compliment of honoring them here. Let's start with the ad from the company I always enjoy seeing:

As soon as the song starts playing, I knew what was coming...but that didn't make it any less entertaining!

Another series of commercials I've really enjoyed is Bud Lite's "Superstitions." You know the ones - with the tagline, "It's only weird if it doesn't work." So the voo-doo ones played during the Super Bowl were pretty awesome - both of them.

There were a couple of beautiful, sentimental ones - from Budweiser (with its Clydesdales, of course), and from Jeep (in support of the USO).

Then there was the Kia Sorento ad - which was super cute - and the Tide commercial, which both Wildcat Guy and I had a good laugh about. (I told him he was lucky I wasn't a Louisville fan!)

But my favorite - in part because it reminded me of Wildcat Guy and his family's heritage - was Ram's Farmers commercial. Absolutely beautiful!!

I was glad that, as the game went on, the ads got better. Because when you're not watching the game to cheer for a team, there really need to be good ads. Which ads did you like?!

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