two-page tues...i mean, thursday

Now that my schedule for the semester has been put in order, I've realized that the idea of scrapbooking on Tuesday evenings just isn't realistic...not when my day starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends about twelve hours later. So for the next few months, at least, Two-Page Tuesdays will happen on Thursdays.

Truthfully, tonight was more of a card night.  First on the list was a birthday card for a coworker's birthday.

I was really happy with how the plaid and buttons went together, and I loved how the colors came together on this.

The second card I needed to make was a birthday card for Faithful Blonde's daughter, who is turning six on Saturday.

"Happy Bearthday" to her! (I've had so much fun using this Build-a-Bear collection.)

Once the birthday cards were finished, it was time to work on the template for our save-the-date cards. I had a basic idea in my head - something that would fit into these neat end-flap envelopes.

I also knew they would incorporate this doily-lace punch from Martha Stewart. It has just the right level of dainty and vintage...without coming across as too girly (in my opinion).

This will be the front of the card - with a photo in place of the white rectangle, and a simple "save the date" phrase with our wedding date on the kraft rectangle.

And this will be the back of the card - with some simple information about the location and our wedding website.

Once I had the card itself laid out, it was time to work on the text. I always worry about how the sizing on the computer screen will translate into the printed version - until I realized that, on its current settings, my screen is set to an almost-exact sizing. That made the formatting a lot simpler!

And I think I've mentioned this before, but I have to say again how happy I am with this typewriter font. It is the perfect font for the look and feel we're going for.

So there I am, moving along...the card itself has been laid out, the type is set to print...when my printer decided that its black ink cartridge was "not compatible." Umm, what? How does that make any sense, that the ink cartridge (of the same brand name as the printer) isn't compatible?

Thirty minutes into resetting the printer, clicking multiple help buttons, and so on, I got one page printed. One. Thinking my luck finally kicked in, I tried to print the second page. To no avail. Fifteen minutes later, I gave up altogether and accepted the fact that my plan to finish the text pages was not going to work. Bah.

Instead, I decided to wing it and to use my imagination as to what the text would look like on the kraft paper.. (You can see it, right?) Thankfully, I was able to do enough formatting and planning to calculate how much paper I would actually need to buy (a decision that needed to be made tonight so I could take advantage of a paper sale at Michael's the next day).

And yes - the sketches and measurements are a standard technique when I'm planning a large-scale project of any kind.

Sweet Gru - he stayed snuggled up in the blanket tossed on the floor. No amount of fussing or threatening my computer could interrupt his nap.  Between him and Wildcat Guy, I have no shortage of calm to balance my occasional frustration.

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