this week was good because of...

...celebrating my fifth NYE with Vintage Blonde and her husband. outfit for New Year's that was all from my closet.

...a fun Google doodle to sweep in the New Year. (Pun intended!)

...this beautiful reflection on choosing One Little Word and the impact it can have in your life. night in front of a fire (and learning to play Apples to Apples).

...the perfect blend of relaxation and activity during our visit to Michigan.

...desserts from one of my favorite pastry shops.

...friends who don't mind taking me sightseeing in Detroit on a bitter-cold wintry afternoon.

...continuing to love my new haircut.

...a three-day work week that was both productive and relaxing.

...feeling ready - mentally and emotionally - for the students' return to campus this weekend.

...a fun night of comedy and dinner.

...being able to support a colleague in his comedy efforts. this whole Project Life concept a try in 2013. (More on that later this week!)

...Wildcat Guy's willingness to participate in even a limited way.

...homemade mashed potatos and sort-of-homemade barbeque chicken for dinner tonight.

...a wi$e, well-planned trip to the grocery store.

...additional "food for thought" about eating as few processed foods as possible (and a reminder that it's less about the latest diet trend and more about what feels best for your own body).

...a new $3 refill cup for 2013. (We used our 2012 cup all the time, so we were thrilled when we found out there's cup for 2013 - and a popcorn tub!

...seeing "The Hobbit."

...a movie that was interesting to watch and thought-provoking with the way its characters played out (either stereotypically or not).

...a lazy Saturday morning with Wildcat Guy (who made breakfast!).

...taking as much advantage as possible of his week off (before starting his internship Monday).

What made your week good?

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jhansen said…
I'm starting Project Life too and just finished my first week. Found a lot of good ideas online. I'm a beginner scrapbooker and thought this would be a good way for me to keep a scrapbook without having to struggle to be creative. Plus I love the ways to insert little journal snippets. Looking forward to hearing about how you will like it.
Lee said…
A couple of the bloggers I follow have done Project Life for at least this past year, and that really inspired me to give it a try. It's been an interesting first couple of weeks...

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